How do celebrity endorsements impacts Nike’s brand image

Course of study: BA Business Management
1.  Research Title: What Leicester City’s premier league victory tell us about transformational leadership in practice

How do celebrity endorsements impacts Nike's brand image


2. Research Aim: To understand more clearly how transformational leadership works in practice and whether this theory provides a model for [a] describing the leadership demonstrated by Claudio Ranieri during Leicester City’s premier league success and [b] accounting for its impact.




3. Research Objectives (between 2 and 4):

1. Describe the elements of transformational transformational leadership theory

2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of transformational leadership as an explanation for enhanced organisational performance, in comparison to other main theories

3. Explore the nature of leadership practiced by Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City’s manager, during Leicester City’s premier league title success

4 Evaluate the extent to which Bass model of transformational leadership provides an adequate explanation for both the [a] nature and [b] impact of the leadership demonstrated by Ranieri during Leicester City’s title winning season



4. Key Literature; Models & Theories (the Theoretical/Conceptual Framework):

·         Transformational leadership theory emerged in the 1970s and considers how leaders motivate followers to achieve extraordinary outcomes (Northouse 2007).

·         Bass’ full range leadership model (1998) explores how leadership approaches can be passive [laissez-faire], motivated by self gain [contingent reward or transactional] or directed to the achievement of a wider and more ambitious goal [transformation].

·         Bass’ concept of transformation leadership comprises four themes [the four I’s], each of which can be used to describe and examine a specific aspect of leadership practice. These are idealised influence, inspiring motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualised consideration.

·         Charismatic leadership is a releated but separate concept to transformation leadership. Writers such Bass & Avolio (1994), and Shamir, House, & Arthur (1993) have described charismatic leadership as a set of personal characteristics which inspire confidence, loyalty and increased effort amongst followers. Importantly not everyone possesses charisma so this theory also connects strongly with trait theories of leadership.


Other key literature which is likely to support this study includes:

·         Fearless: the amazing underdog story of Leicester City, the greatest miracle in sports history (Northcroft 2016)

·         Hail Claudio! (Marcotti and Polverosi 2016)

·         5000-1: the Leicester City story (Tanner 2016)


5. Research Methodology

1.       This study will use a deductive approach to test Bass’s theory.

2.       Relevant information for this study will relate to:

a.        first hand accounts of Claudio Ranieri’s leadership practice during Leicester’s title winning season

b.       analysis of his leadership approach.

3.       This information is most likely to be subjective and qualitative in nature. However some quantitative data may also be available.

4.       My strategy for answering my research questions is to develop a case study, based on Claudio Ranieri’s approach during his time at Leicester City

5.       This dissertation will only use secondary sources of data. The following are expected to be used:

Literature review

a.        Beginning with a search of locate, using combinations of the following key words: ‘transformational leadership’, ‘Leicester City’, ‘Claudio Ranieri’, ‘charisma’.

b.       Covering the period 2013-2018

c.        Manual review of relevant journals covering this period [to be identified]

Examination of secondary sources of evidence on Ranieri’s leadership practice, eg

a.        Interviews of Ranieri the with media to review language used

b.       Review of interviews completed by players to examine their perspective on Ranieri’s approach

c.        Reivew of articles in relevant press coverage, eg Leicester Mercury, 442 magazine, national newspapers to examine leadership approaches used during this season

6.       To analyse this data I will use codes to identify the primary themes which emerge and then compare these themes with Bass’ transformational leadership model to identify the degree of fit.

7.       My study is cross sectional as it primarily focuses only on Ranieri’s tenure at Leicester, rather than how his approach changed over time.

8.       As only secondary sources of data will be used, all of which is the public domain, there are no specific ethical concerns for this study.


6. Time Line of Dissertation

See attached gannt chart.




7. Reference List (min 7)

Bass, B. (1998) Transformational Leadership. New Jersey: Mahwah

Bass, B. and Avolio, B. (1994) Improving Organizational Effectiveness through Transformational Leadership. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications

Marcotti, G. and Polverosi, A. (2016) Hail, Claudio! London: Yellow Jersey

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Tanner, R. (2016) 5000-1: The Leicester City Story. London: Icon Books



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