Refugees children and their parents

Effective role of leaders and teachers working in refugee children’s schools in raising awareness of children and parents about their rights in the country of asylum This is draft topic I need to modify it.
2.What are the influences of leaders in promoting children’s rights for asylum seekers using technology as a means.
From the article I was reading, Supporting Refugee Children in Pennsylvania Public Schools
Wagner, Timothy M.
“Findings lead to three implications, including development of comprehensive and specific state policy, recommendations for professional standards of practice, and revision to pre-service teacher and school leader curricula.”
And please read the attached files and pictures. It might help us to find the research problem and the topic and general precipitation about the methodology.
I prefer quantitative methods but if I have to to do mixed to get better results I will do so. I attached pictures for the requirements, I have to have more than 20 primary research articles from peer reviewed journal in my respective fields. It should be new research 2015 and five years and no longer than ten years. We have to do our best to research and meet the requirements.
3.Role of leaders and teachers in the education of refugees children with special needs. For example,Speech, social skills, learning difficulties…
4.Refugee Family engagement and its role in success or failure of early childhood education programs
-Families that do not or help children with homework and reading at home
-The fear of complaints from parents
-Trust between teachers and parents
From leaders and teachers perspective and experience.
5.Perceptions of refugee early childhood teachers on their leadership roles

 Refugees children and their parents
Effective leadership in refugee ECD
Role of educational leader in refugee ECD
To discuss the perceptions of refugee early childhood teachers on their leadership roles
To critically assess effective leadership in refugee early childhood education
To explore the roles of an educational leader in ECD
To evaluate leadership tasks in ECD
Research Method
In this research, quantitative research method would be the most appropriate.
Research Problem
Leadership is part of life as there are leaders everywhere. In early childhood education, teachers understand leadership differently. Therefore, there is need to explore how these teacher perceive their leadership roles.
I want to focus on the refugees children. Until now I need to discuss my topic with experts, I want to convince myself to be able to defense it as a researcher. As I heard your research topic will be with you for long journey you have to choose something you enjoy working on it. And deserve the time you spent to get your degree and achieve your goals and realize your dream.
I am international student and English is my second language.
My major is leadership early childhood education in USA.
I need the experts feedback and comments to choose my research proposal topic and have the purpose, research problem, goals, methodology.
Just brief summary and general information before check the order.
The experts advise is highly recommended and I will follow the instructions and the suggestions.
I don’t have in my university department for consultation and brainstorm ideas with experts in my field of research and experience.
That’s why I need your support.
Hopefully I will find who will be able to give me the support I needed to complete my research proposal. I will complete this research topic on my dissertation. That’s why I have to be careful and think a lot and read more and search and ask experts advice to do well and overcome the challenges.
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